Friday, April 13, 2012

Utilizing a HTC One S to Keep Track of Sports

Today, mobile devices are not limited to anything as one can do almost anything with it. Everyone wants to keep up on the latest scores, stats and standings of their favorite team or teams. Sports like basketball and football hold a huge fascination for many people, furnishing a need to always have the latest updates.

The ease of use of mobile devices these days makes keeping on top of sports increasingly easy. The radio link fitted on the cell phone is one of the popular features that can be used for keeping track of sports. With almost all mobile devices equipped with FM transmitters, it’s easy to tune into any broadcast sportscast. In this way you can also tune into sports news and get the latest updates. You can even find some mobile phones that are equipped with satellite TV reception that can pick up satellite broadcast events. It’s even possible to sign up for a subscription to a sports service that sends you updates at regular intervals. This can be done using the Internet or contacting your network provider. And of course there are apps for that: ScoreMobile, Sports Now, and several others will provide you with instant access to the stats and scores you want at the touch of a finger. 

Sports Now is one awesome application for all the sport lovers out there. It supports NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA for now. You can use your mobile device home screen to get the games pinned. WP7 limitations on background agents will limit game updates to every twenty or 30 minutes. However, for a faster update you can always go in and refresh the application manually. So, it is possible for one to keep up-to-date with the sports world, thanks to the Sports Now app. It offers the current scores, news, stats, standings and also tweets. You can also save the favorite to get an instant access to your desired teams.

Other sports leagues can be found on the ScoreMobile app, including MMA, EPT, IPL, The Tour de France, WMBA, and ICC Cricket. You can also give ESPN ScoreCenter a try, which supports several leagues throughout the world. You can rest assured that the HTC One S screen protector will not interfere with your app.

Mobile phones can be used to record live sports or an event that is occurring in front of you. You often see people with their cell phones in their hands, recording the game. In this way, you can have a collection of all the loved shots and memories of your favorite player. Use caution, however, as sometimes players get a bit too close! Always make sure your smart phone is safe, however, with mobile phone cases, protective phone cases, stylish phone covers and OEM phone cases. Keeping your phone safely protected is a must at exciting  sports matches, in the event your phone is knocked out of your hand.

People are not easily separated from their smart phones, which is why having it geared up with useful functions is a must. As a sports fan, all the latest and greatest information and scores is right in the palm of your hand, on your mobile device. All the sports tracking can be easily done with a mobile device at your disposal! The easiest way to maintain the perfect look of your smart phone is by making sure that you use the HTC One S screen protector.